A little bit more about me

I am a full time freelance developer, this is not a “hobby” for me. I have been freelancing since 2012. If you hire me, you can depend on me being available ongoing, as needed, for years to come. You can take a look around my website to get an idea of the development services I offer and check out my portfolio as well.

I love to solve problems. Whether it’s finding the most elegant way to write a line of code or figuring out which solution fits best into the development, I love the challenge of finding a way and discovering solutions.

Maybe that’s why I love coding and the satisfaction that comes from finding just the right solution. As long as there’s a problem to solve or a challenge to puzzle over, it’s bound to be something I love!

I am a senior programmer with excellent knowledge of front-end techniques. I love structure and order and I also stand for quality. I love spending time on fixing little details and optimizing websites.

The “Cool what else, though?” — When I’m not coding and developing, you can find me enjoying cooking, listening music and watching art movies.

This is my system

Pursue Passions, Not Paychecks
Be Crafty, Lovable, Systematic, and Relentless
Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously
Read Every Day
Believe in Change
Invest in Ideas That Matter
Be Creative, Imaginative, and Artistic

Random facts

I drink a lot of water
I love interior design
I love to cook (and eat)
I’m a bit of a clean freak
I want to live on Pandora
I’m a Marvel Fan
I’m addicted to nature

My Skills